Friday, February 10, 2012

101 Things in 1,001 Days

Today I'm embarking on a mission to complete 101 Things in 1,001 Days. I have made a list like this before, but did not succeed.  So this time, I'm going to blog about it to keep myself honest.  Plus, as you will see "Start a Blog" is on the list, so we can cross one item off already!

Some items on my list will be easy, some are more of a stretch, some are necessary and others are just silly.  But altogether, I think the next 1,001 days will be interesting.

My List:

1.  Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.
2.  Leave an inspirational not for someone to find
3.  Go camping
4.  Give blood 5 times
5.  Complete a 365 day photo challenge
6.  Get a massage
7. Go on a picnic
8.  Give up fast food for one month
9. Give up sugar for one month
10. Lose Weight - Reach a size 6
11. Send a secret to PostSecret
12. Read 100 Books
13. Complete Couch to 5k
14. Get a passport
15. Run a half marathon
16. Grow my hour out, past shoulder length
17. Read the Bible
18. Learn a foreign language
19. Pay off credit cards
20. Save $5,000
21. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle
22. Do volunteer work
23. Crochet 10 blankets
24. Get new glasses
25. Buy a pair of boots
26. Listen to every song in my itunes library
27. Back up itunes library
28. Watch the entire Sopranos series
29. Attend a Mardi Gras Ball
30. Read a book in a day
31. Keep a "My Day in Six Words" journal for six months
32. Find a new place to live
33. See a play
34. Go to a concert
35. Sing karaoke
36. Make a 2012 photo book
37. Send flowers to someone
38. Choose 10 countries and read a book by an author from each
39. Take Aidan to Disney
40. Go hiking
41. Clean out my car and keep it clean for the remainder of the 1,001 days
42. Go on a road trip
43. Pay off my student loan
44. Sell my house
45. Grow something from a seed
46. Paint something
47. Cook a new recipe every month for a year
48. Get a sketch book and sketch one picture a day for a month
49. Do Morning/Evening Yoga every day for a month
50. Complete the 30 day shred
51. Start a Blog
52. Get a new phone
53. Complete the 100 pushups challenge
54. Go to a wine tasting
55. Sew something on a sewing machine
56. Photograph my outfits every day for a month
57. Read Aidan a story every night for a month
58. Read Newsweek cover to cover
59. Subscribe to a business magazine
60. Take Aidan on a day trip
61. Re-visit New Orleans
62. Keep a food journal for a month
63. Keep a prayer journal for a month
64. Take a bubble bath with candles
65. Eat only unprocessed foods for a month
66. Wear a swimsuit without feeling self-conscious
67. Wash my car once a week for a month
68. Make my bed every day for a month
69. Make an informed vote in the 2012 election
70. Smile at everyone I see for an entire day
71. Start a conversation with a stranger
72. Find my passion
73. Visit NYC
74. Go to a pro Baseball game
75. Submit something to the Ellen show
76. Successfully give up something for Lent
77. Make chili on a cold day
78. Eat a salad for one meal every day for a month
79. Complete an entire Sudoku book
80. Organize my office
81. Throw Aidan a kid birthday party
82. Organize my closet by color
83. Read Gone with the Wind, then watch the movie
84. Go one month without wearing my hair in a ponytail at work
85. Get up at 6 am every morning for a month
86. Spend a day with my mom
87. Babysit so Rachel and Chris can go on a date
88. Go to a midnight movie release
89. Surprise someone
90. Get new bedding
91. Find the perfect jeans
92. Get a library card
93. Find the perfect Little Black Dress
94. Get rid of shoes I don't wear/shoes that hurt my feet
95. Listen to only Christian radio for a week
96. Go to church every Sunday for 52 weeks in a row
97. Send snail mail cards to 5 people
98. Have Aidan's picture made
99. Watch the Wizard of Oz with Aidan
100. Learn to make pecan sandies
101.  Complete a new list of 101 Things before my 1,001 Days are done

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